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Lists of the Memos

To view a searchable index of the memos, click on the appropriate button below.

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The Memos

The Physics, Programming, and HAPPE Memos are in groups of ten. If you want Programming Memo P-24 (Program Game by Gerry Lynch), enter 24 in the Programming Memo box below. What will be retrieved is Programming Memos P-21 through P-30. Scan down until you come to Programming Memo P-24.

The much fewer Engineering Memos are in just two groups; one for the LA series and one for the M series. To view a memo in the LA series, enter LA in the Engineering Memo box below and all the LA series Engineering Memos will be retrieved.

Memos are separated by a blank page to make scanning easier.

Enter the number of the Physics Memo you want:  
Enter LA or M for the Engineering Memo series you want:  
Enter the number of the Programming Memo you want:  
Enter the number of the HAPPE Memo you want: